Despite the a public Twinspace we are going to make a final product:– project logo;– on-line culinary calendar with recipes from all the participating countries with the pictures of students cooking them in their own countries;– Multilingual Glossary in a form of presentation or video in which students share greetings, polite phrases, introduce themselves in […]


The main concern of our project is the cultural heritage. On the other hand in-depth interviews showed students ’limited knowledge of culture & amp; heritage. MAJOR OBJECTIVE: RAISE CULTURAL AWARENESS & amp; KEY COMPETENCES We would like to use an idea of ​​Gardener’s nine types of intelligence to organize activities which aim to aquatint our […]


Schools work with their students on planned activities, share results, interact & collaborate. Each school is responsible for fulfilling all tasks, upload results on TS.09/19 Project Logo -school contests, voting on eTwinning for the best one.10/19 Multilingual Glossary: school survey among students to prepare a list of basic words, expression: greetings, polite phrases, introducing yourself […]


Schools share their cultural herritage: activities in schools, sharing results on eTwinning, trying out, adopting partners’ activities within local school community. E.G. try new recipes, games, compare architecture sites, monuments, look for similarities as for flora & fauna, geography.We want our students to:– COMMUNICATE in mother tongue & English: understand, interpret, express feelings, facts, concepts […]