Schools share their cultural herritage: activities in schools, sharing results on eTwinning, trying out, adopting partners’ activities within local school community. E.G. try new recipes, games, compare architecture sites, monuments, look for similarities as for flora & fauna, geography.
We want our students to:
– COMMUNICATE in mother tongue & English: understand, interpret, express feelings, facts, concepts concerning project’s subject area;
– INCREASE awareness of importance of common language English;
– EXPLORE other ways to communicate: pictograms, gestures, ICT;
– DISTINGUISH foreign languages through multi-linguistic environment, understand basic statements & expressions in partners’ languaguage;
– USE ICT concerning project activities & dissemination: blog, social media, video, Google, Padlet, etc.
Students will be able to:
– get to know about partners’ cultural diversity & heritage;
– EXPERIENCE & LEARN about European music and art;
– LEARN basic phrases in each others lang.



Yazar: AkifBahcebasi

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