Schools work with their students on planned activities, share results, interact & collaborate. Each school is responsible for fulfilling all tasks, upload results on TS.
09/19 Project Logo -school contests, voting on eTwinning for the best one.
10/19 Multilingual Glossary: school survey among students to prepare a list of basic words, expression: greetings, polite phrases, introducing yourself in national lngs. /posters with new vocab. /video in which students present pronunciation of words /students’ online encounter to introduce themselves, practice & share words in different lang.
11/19 LOCAL CUISINE school survey on best recipes /translating recipes into English/ sharing on eTwinning / trying out each other recipes/ comments & interaction.
12/19 Schools present their local attractions & landscapes, online encounter to share.
01/19 Collaboration on the final product based on what was done: culinary calendar with all countries recipes, multilingual glossary (video or presentation)



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